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About Me

Music Expresses What Cannot Be Spoken

Kendell Smith, a Memphis, Tennessee native, raised in Los Angeles, is an artist that emphasizes soulful sounds and strong, honest lyrics to tell the musical stories he lives, sees and hears. I am currently working on my latest solo album entitled World being released on his independent label Blind Faith Entertainment and focused on songwriting and recording as much material as humanly possible. Stop by here any time to check for updates and the latest music.

I began creating and writing songs at a young age. I would often be found making my own lyrics to songs on the radio. I naturally express my ideas that flow from the deep well within. At 13 my mom got me a classical guitar for Christmas. I noodled around and at age 16 was signed up for a guitar workshop at church and joined the worship team where I played lead and rhythm guitar. I also performed in a faith-based rock group formed with friends I name Katalysts, performing at church, battle of the bands and high school.

After high school, I enrolled in the music program at the University of La Verne, participating in African Drumming, Jazz Ensemble, Classical Guitar, Blues Guitar, Songwriting, Folks Music, Classical Voice, Piano, Trumpet and Theatre, graduating with a Major in Music with Emphasis in Performance. I spent most of my nights performing solo acoustic sets between other artists at restaurants and coffee shops and part of other projects such as flamenco groups or rock bands and becoming known as the bass master for the local rock group OrangeHum.

My senior project is an independently written, recorded and released album aptly titled, “Where to Now”. One of the standout songs on the album is Down Out the Clouds, a highly rhythmic song expressing the love interest of a young man trying to approach his love interest.

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